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Young Cricket
Young Cricket Art - Game & Wario.png
First appearance Warioware Smooth Moves
Voiced by Robbie Daymond
Age 15
Gender Male ♂
Species Pekoponian
Status Alive
Date of birth March 28 1992
Occupation Martial art student, (Sometimes) High school student
Family Young Dragonfly (cousin)
Friends Ashley, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Penny Crygor, Kat & Ana, Maylee, Young Luna
Allies Master Mantis
Loves Ashley (sometimes, if Maylee is not watching)
Hates Maylee's clinginess/bossiness
Enemies Wario Deluxe
Lookalikes Mecha Cricket (mechanical counterpart)
Nationality Chinese
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Young Cricket (ヤングクリケット Yangu Kuriketto?) is a student who learns martial arts by his master, Master Mantis He has flowing black hair with white streaks and a blue outfit. He has a cousin named Young Dragonfly who's also a martial arts master herself.


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