Miki Hoshii
Voiced by Akiko Hasegawa

Age 15
Gender Female
Species Pekoponian
Date of birth November 23rd
Occupation Idol
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Miki Hoshii (星井美希 Hoshii Miki?) is an idol from 765 Production.


  • Miki loves onigiri, especially the ones her mother makes.
  • Miki sometimes likes to brag about her bust size, especially to Producer.
  • Miki has a strong passion for cellphone accessories.
  • Even though considered to be very lazy, when it comes to running away from something, Miki can be extremely fast.
  • Miki will wear any stage outfit, even if it exposes a lot of skin or excessive cleavage. This is because she doesn't care what other people think.
  • Miki doesn't care if Producer sexually harasses or gropes her.
  • Along with the Futami Twins, Miki speaks about herself in third person, referring to herself simply as "Miki".


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