Kat & Ana
WiiU Game&Wario char07 E3
Kat left: Ana right

Age 5
Gender Female
Species Pekoponians
Date of birth May 5th
Occupation Ninjas
Family Shuritana (Mother), Sasuke (Father)
Friends Dororo, Koyuki, Shin Keroro, Higor Matos

Ashley 9-Volt 18-Volt Young Cricket Mike Penny Crygor Red Bonnie Clemont

Allies 9-Volt

Ashley 18-Volt

Loves Higor Matos
Hates Don Valentino (Sometimes)
Enemies Bowser, 5-Volt (Angry Form) Wario Deluxe
Animals Shadow (Dog), Shuriken (Falcon), Nunchuck (Rhythm Monkey)
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Kat (カット Katto?) and Ana (アナ?) are kindergarten-aged ninja twins. Kat has pink hair with a single ponytail. And Ana has orange hair with two ponytails. Ana is timid and quietly, while Kat is more headstrong and overall the dominant sister, though she cares for Ana deeply. The two live in an old-fashioned Japanese-style house in a forest along with their mother, Shuritana, and later their father Sasuke returns to them to live together. The two are descended from the Iga ninja clan, and attend Mystical Ninja Elementary just like Dororo and Koyuki's clan. They have Three pets: Shadow the Dog, Shuriken the Falcon, and Nunchuck the Monkey. They also appear in Higor and Friends.


  • Kat and Ana's names come from the word Katana, a type of Japanese sword.


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