Ami Futami
Voiced by Asami Shimoda

Age 13
Gender Female
Species Pekponian
Date of birth May 22nd
Occupation Idol
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Ami Futami (双海亜美 Futami Ami?) first took turns with her older twin sister Mami Futami performing as a single idol from 765 Production.


  • Takane Shijou was able to see through the act and discover that Ami had a twin, the moment her eyes met Mami's on the next Idol-Ultimate audition. Instead of it being the position of the hair giving it away, Takane was actually able to see that Mami was more mature than Ami when looking into her eyes.
  • Though being completely identical except for the position of the hair, another distinct trait that is rarely hinted at is that Ami likes to doodle and scribble all over walls.
  • The Futami twins are afraid of Ritsuko Akizuki. Because they cause such a ruckus in productions, Ritsuko often scolds the twins and sometimes goes even far enough to punish them by making them do chores around the offices until they've learned their lesson.
  • The Futami twins have absolutely no respect for anyone (with the exception of Takane), especially elders, and they will talk to the other party in a very informal manner as if talking to a friend until the other person scolds them.